Reservation Policies & House Rules

Reservation Policies


  • Room rates are for double occupancy
  • Room rates do not include breakfast.  
  • Basic Breakfast is charged as an Extra @ $10 per person
  • Full Canadian Breakfast for groups of 6 or more is charged as an Extra @ $16 per person
  • There is a minimum 2-night stay for long weekends. (Once a room is booked for 2 nights, then 1 night may become available.)
  • We welcome weekly, monthly and seasonal stays. Please contact us for a quote.


  • A deposit of 50% is required to secure a reservation. We accept most credit cards and Interac e-transfer
  • The balance is payable upon arrival and is automatically charged to the credit card provided unless advised otherwise by the guest. 


  • Summer (May - Oct)  between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm
  • Winter   (Nov - Apr)   between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm
    NOTE: Guests are required to provide their approximate arrival time when booking.  
  • Late arrivals (after 8:00 pm) must be pre-authorized.


  • 11:00 am
    Should alternate times be necessary to accommodate your activity, please let us know at time of booking.  


Cancellation Policy

Our 12-hour Cancellation Grace Period with no penalty is in place as a courtesy should a guest change their mind within the first 12 hours of making a reservation.

Reason for a Cancellation Policy: Small inns and bed & breakfast establishments, have only one of each bedroom and, once booked and secured with a deposit, that bedroom is blocked off and held for the guest who has booked it. The bedroom then becomes unavailable to anyone else who wishes to book it. Therefore, a cancellation, depending on the timing, usually results in lost revenue for the establishment and the closer it is to the date of the booking, the less likely it is that that bedroom will become booked at all.


  • For cancellations occurring less than 7 days prior to the reservation - there are no refunds and the full amount of reservation is payable.
  • For cancellations occurring 8 to 21 days prior to the reservation - the deposit is not refunded but is applied to a future stay. 
  • For cancellations occurring more than 21 days prior to the reservation - the guest is entitled to a full refund of their deposit less a $30 administration fee.

In all cases, should the canceled room(s) become rented, then the more than 21 days policy applies. 

Exceptions are always considered in extenuating circumstances.

Cancellations of group bookings are treated as special cases and handled on an individual basis.



House Rules

GROUND LEVEL bedrooms have private entrances/walk-outs to patios and full access to the ground level Common Area.

UPPER LEVEL bedrooms use the main entrance and do not have walk-outs or balconies These bedrooms are not connected to the common area and may have limited use of common area. 


  • A basic breakfast is prepared in advance and set out on the table and/or placed in the refrigerator the night before. Therefore it is available at any time and may be eaten inside or 
    taken out to patios or garden.  
  • Full Canadian Breakfast is available only to groups of 6 or more and must be pre-arranged at time of booking.


All rooms are double occupancy -  only 2 people.
Exceptions are posted by individual room.


House keys, room keys and access codes are provided on an as-needed basis. Keys and codes are for the limited use of the registered guest. A $30 fee will be charged for unreturned keys. 


For the health, safety and comfort of all of our guests ...

We are animal lovers, but, in order to protect the house and grounds and for the health, safety and comfort of all our guests, we have a NO PETS Policy

We are a 100% smoke-free facility and we strictly maintain our NO SMOKING Policy which disallows smoking of any kind anywhere on the premises, patios, grounds or wooded areas adjacent or close to the house; therefore not within a 75 ft. radius of the house.
We reserve the right to impose a fine for non-compliance.

For health, safety and comfort reasons, we require all of our guests to refrain from using perfumes and other fragrances while on the premises.

Burning of candles and all other incendiary products is strictly prohibited inside the premises.  Please feel free to use candles on the patios, lawns and garden areas.


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